Creating Historic Trails

Creating a historic trail which will go into the BSA's Historic Trail Directory is simple to do:

First, create the trail and have at least five Scouts to take part in the trail with you.

Second, send a copy of the Historic Trail application, along with supporting materials which explain the trail - the history, lenght, stops along the trail, and a news clipping announcing the trail (the news clipping can be from a regular newspaper, a community newsletter, or from the Council's newsletter or bulletin) and send it all to:

Camping and Conservation Service
National Office- Boy Scouts of America
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, Texas 75261

You *should* get an acknowledgement that the trail has been added to the Directory, but in most cases, you won't. Unfortunately, the Directory has taken a backseat because of staffing cuts there to some other items that the three people there have to manage, among them the Hornaday Awards, the camping inspection and service programs, and Council support to conservation efforts.

In ANY event, you should label the site using the BSA Historic Trail slide-on decals in addition to any standard signage you may put together for this trail. The slide-on decals work with water, and they last a good time...I've been home about two years ago and I can still see and read clearly the BSA Historic Trail decals on parts of the trail!

From a posting to Scouts-L by Mike Walton, USSSP Board Member

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