To be held one month after BSA 101. This course requires a source of electricity for a TV and VCR.  At the last Troop meeting before the campout, show a Compass & Map Instructional video, then play the Beginner’s Compass Game (BSA 1132). This will ensure that the Scouts will have a basic knowledge of map reading and compass use before the campout.  Follow the same general pre-camp preparation procedures as BSA 101.


Instructions to new Scouts and instructors:


Read your Boy Scout Handbook chapters on compass. lashing and cooking before the campout.  Bring your Boy Scout Handbook to the campout. Bring your pocketknife, compass, backpack and proper clothing for expected weather. Wear your Class A uniform to the campout and change to Class B upon arrival.  Try to eat a good Dinner before leaving for the campout.





            Compass & Map Instructional Video

            Extra Compasses

            Topo Maps (of camp area if possible)

            Paper Pads and Pencils for maps

            Stakes for Compass Game

            Compass Games (BSA 1132 & BSA 1133)



            Many lengths of rope in 10’ to 40’ lengths

            6-8’ Lashing Poles per Team

            6-4’ Lashing Poles per Team

            Small Sticks and Cottton String for Desktop Pioneering



            Cracker Barrel (Friday Night)

            Boil-in-Bag Scrambled Eggs (Sat. Breakfast)

            Sandwiches, cookies, fruit (Sat. Lunch)

            Dutch Oven Tacos (Sat. Dinner)

            Ice Cream Mixer (Sat. Night)

            Danish (Sun. Breakfast)



            Blank Troop Meeting Planners

            Blank Duty Rosters

            All American Patrol Requirements

            Camp Gadget Instruction Sheets and Award Totems



Friday Evening:

            6:00 - Arrive for pre-camp inspection of packs, load equipment.

            7:00 - Leave for campsite, hike last mile to camping spot.

            8:00 - Set up camp

            9:00 - Opening Campfire

          10:00 - Cracker Barrel

          10:30 - Lights Out

          11:00 - Staff Meeting



            7:00 - Rise & Shine, clean up for breakfast

            7:30 - Boil in Bag Breakfast

            8:00 - Flag Raising by Patrol

            8:30 - Compass Games

            9:30 - 5-miler Map Hike

          12:00 - Lunch

          12:30 - Lashing Instruction, Desktop Pioneering

            1:30 - Tripod Relay (Woods Wisdom)

            2:00 - Make Inverted Tripod Tower

            3:00 - Ideal PLC & Ideal Troop Meeting

            4:30 - Patrol Meeting

            5:00 - Dutch Oven Instruction, Start Charcoal

            5:30 - Dinner Preparation

            6:00 - Taco Dinner

            7:00 - Make Useful Camp Gadgets by lashing.

            8:30 - Flag Lowering by Patrol/Campfire

            9:30 - Ice Cream Cracker Barrel

         10: 00 - Lights out

         10:30 - Staff Meeting/Evaluations


Sunday Morning

            7:30 - Breakfast (Danish & Juice)

            8:30 - Flag Raising by Patrol/Vespers by Patrol

            9:00 - Break Down Campsite

          10:00 - Scoutmaster Reflection

          10:30 - Closing Ceremony, Awards, Flag Lowering

          11:00 - Snack

          11:30 - Leave    

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