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Venturing Ranks and Awards

The Venturing program, which, in 1998 replaced the portions of the old Explorer program which were not transferred to the Learning for Life organization, originally created a series of awards for Venturers called the Bronze, Gold, and Silver Awards. In May, 2014, a new set of awards were introduced, to replace the Bronze, Gold, and Silver Awards.  The new awards, were named the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit Awards.  Venturers could continue earning the current (Bronze, Gold, and Silver) awards until  December 31, 2014. Beginning in May 2014, Venturers could also convert to the new awards.  If they did so, existing Venturers had to begin with the Discovery Award, while new Venturers began with the Venturing Award.  In 2021, although the requirements were not changed, BSA reclassified the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit "Awards" as "Ranks", similar to the ranks used in Scouts BSA and Sea Scouting. All Venturers must now utilize the new awards requirements.

Keep in mind that Venturing Crews are separate units, and should not be confused with what were formerly the similarly named Venture Patrols (now known as Older Scout Patrols) which can exist in Boy Scout Troops. For a brief introduction to the Venturing Program, its advancement program, and how forming a Venturing Crew can supplement to your existing Troop program, check out the PowerPoint slide presentation by Brad Harris, former Associate Director, Venturing Division, BSA, which we have available:

Venturing - The Next Step ...

As mentioned above, the original program consisted of a series of three awards, the Bronze, Gold, and Silver Awards, which could be earned in sequence by all Venturers, no matter their specialty.  The current program has four ranks, the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit.  In addition to the ranks, Venturers may also earn Specialty Awards, including the Ranger Award, for Outdoor/High Adventure activity, the TRUST Award for Religious Life activities, and the Quest Award, for Fitness and Sports activities.

The recognition item for each level of the ranks is a diamond shaped uniform patch.  In addition, Venturers who attain the Summit rank will receive a medal, and there is a square knot patch for adults who earned the Summit Award or attained the Summit rank as a youth member.  The recognition items are shown below:

Venturing Award Designs

In addition, Leadership Awards, can be earned at the Council, Area/Region, and National levels.

Until February, 2016, Sea Scouting was part of the Venturing program group.  Sea Scouting is now a completely separate program. Sea Scouts are NOT eligible for the Venturing ranks and/or awards, unless they register with a Venturing Crew in addition to their membership in a Sea Scout Ship, but they are eligible for various other awards open to Scouts and Venturers, such as the various aquatics and hiking awards, .

Any Venturer who has achieved the First Class rank as a Scout in a troop (or did so as a Varsity Scout in a team) may continue advancement toward Star, Life and Eagle Scout ranks, and Eagle Palms, up to his or her 18th birthday.

  • They must meet the requirements as prescribed in the official Scouts BSA Handbooks and on
  • As the Venturer meets requirements for the Star and Life ranks, a board of review will be conducted by the crew committee.
  • The Eagle board of review should follow the procedures established by the local council.

Here is some general information and key points about the current advancement program:

The Venturing ranks, awards, and other recognitions programs are designed to help Venturers grow in the areas of adventure, leadership, personal development, and service. The ranks and Awards serve as benchmarks that give Venturers a structure for developing their own personal vision into manageable goals that lead to recognition by their peers, mentors, and the larger community.

The Venturing rank advancement program has four levels:

  • All Venturers should earn the Venturing rank soon after formally joining the program.
  • Venturers then proceed by earning the Discovery and Pathfinder ranks.
  • Finally, Venturers earn the Summit rank, in which a young person formally serves as a mentor to other Venturers in his or her crew.

Venturing is a flexible program, and the rank advancement program is designed to help all Venturers, no matter what their crew specialty, to grow and develop.

The four ranks are:

    The first step in any journey is the courage to begin. At this level, the new crew member makes a commitment to join and move forward into the experience of Venturing.
    • Award Focus: Joining
      • Commitment to a new experience
      • BSA training on personal safety
    The adventure of participating with the crew unfolds, and each Venturer begins to discover his or her interests and talents. As the Discovery rank is erned, they develop new skills and competencies, their eyes are opened, and the world expands for them.
    • Award Focus: Participation
      • Small-group management skills training
      • Earn first-aid and CPR certifications
      • Goal-setting training
      • Time-management training
      • Minimum of 24 hours of service
      • Establish and achieve at least one personal goal, including peer and advisor review
    The Venturer’s capabilities and skills expand, and with them come increased responsibility for defining their own way forward in life, service to others, and formal planning and leadership of the crew toward its goals.
    • Award Focus: Leadership
      • Project management training
      • Plan and lead at least one crew activity of one day or longer
      • Serve in elected leadership position for six months or more
      • Experiential training in conflict resolution, communications, group dynamics, cooperation, and ethical controversies
      • Plan and lead activity to enhance crew sustainability
      • Plan and participate in service of 36 hours or more
      • Establish and achieve two personal goals
    The highest rank in Venturing, Summit, goes to those Venturers who have matured in their personal direction, skills, and life competencies, and who have accepted the responsibility to mentor others and serve their communities in a lasting way.
    • Award Focus: Mentoring
      • Mentoring and coaching skills training
      • Mentor a crew member in planning and leadership of crew activity
      • Serve in elected leadership position for six months
      • Lead the delivery of small-group management skills and training
      • Complete advanced leadership training
      • Plan, develop, and give leadership to community service project
      • Complete goal development and planning for all realms of personal growth
      • Create personal code of conduct for review by peers and adult advisors
      • Lead and guide ethical controversy and conflict resolution discussion with crew
Current Venturing
Rank Advancement Program
Original Venturing
Award Program


Bronze Award
Gold Award
Silver Award

Other Awards & Special Opportunities

Ranger Award
Quest Award

Leadership Awards

World Conservation Award

Comparison Chart

Advancement Transfers for Foreign Scouts

Questions arise occasionally on whether a youth moving to the USA from another country can use the advancements he or she had earned in that country toward advancement in a BSA unit. For the answer, click here.

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