Current Boy Scout Publication
Stock Numbers
and Revision Dates

The table below includes the publication and SKU numbers and copyright dates for a number of handbooks and other publications of general use by Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts and their Leaders and Advisors, and those Venturers working on Boy Scout Advancements. 

The information in the table below reflects publications available as of January, 2016. When the publication is available for download from BSA's web site, you may click on the publication name in the table.

Where two SKU numbers and copyright dates are shown in the table below, a new version of the pamphlet is going to be issued, but may not yet be available.

The information on current publication dates is based on the listing on,  and a physical inspection of pamphlets on sale at a local Scout Shop.

Boy Scout Program Publications
Publication & SKU Numbers and Revision Dates
Publication Name Version Old
Boy Scout Handbook Perfect Bound 34554   2009   621131 2016
Coil Bound   622525 2009   621132 2016
Spanish 34718         2016
Boy Scout Requirements Coil Bound 33216 620714 2015 33216 621535 2016
Guide to Advancement Stapled 33088614448 2013 33088 620573 2015
Guide to Awards and Insignia Perfect Bound 33066 614937 2015
Guide to Safe Scouting Coil Bound      33416 618622 2015
Troop Leader Guidebook, Vol. 1 Scoutmaster Handbook   33009  1998 33009 616729 2015
Varsity Scout Leader Guidebook Loose Leaf           
Troop Leader Guidebook, Vol. 2 Loose Leaf        616835 2016
Troop Program Resources Loose Leaf 3358833588 2002      
Program Features for
Troops, Teams, and Crews, Vol. 1
Troop Program Features, Vol. 1 Loose Leaf 3311033110 2012 33110 616351 2015
Varsity Team Program Features, Vol. 1 Loose Leaf 34837  2000
Program Features for
Troops, Teams, and Crews, Vol. 2
Troop Program Features, Vol. 1 Loose Leaf 3311133111 2012 33111 616352 2016
Varsity Team Program Features, Vol. 2 Loose Leaf 34838  2000
Program Features for
Troops, Teams, and Crews, Vol. 3
Troop Program Features, Vol. 1 Loose Leaf 3311233112 2012      
Varsity Team Program Features, Vol. 3 Loose Leaf 34839  2000
Shooting Sports Manual Loose Leaf      30931 430029 2015
Leadership Training Committee Guide   34169  1999      
Fieldbook Perfect Bound 33104  2004 34006 614985 2014
Coil Bound      32067 619044 2014
Senior Patrol Leader Handbook        32501   2002
Patrol Leader Handbook        32502   2002
Troop Committee Guidebook Loose Leaf      34505 616928 2014
Varsity Scout Guidebook Loose Leaf      34827A   2000
Den Chief Handbook Perfect Bound      33211 620805 2004
Boy Scout Nova Awards Guidebook Stapled 34033614936 2012      
Lone Scout Friend and Counselor Guidebook        511-420   2015

Page updated on: January 29, 2016

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